Youth Volunteer Program

Do you have a child (age 8-16) interested in helping us care for our barn animals?  If so,We currently have six chicks, seven hens, two sheep, two bunnies, and Genevieve, our pig to help us love!

Job Titles and Duties:

Each shift takes just under an hour and takes place in the volunteer annex and/or outdoors.

We encourage volunteers to bring approved animal treats and to visit all the animals!

Bunny Specialist:

Pierre and Apple, our rabbits, have a fun play-center and habitat connected to the volunteer annex. The Bunny Specialist will sweep habitat, clean and change out food bowls and litter box. The rest of the time we would like our specialist to spend 20-30 minutes hanging out in their play-center reading, doing homework, or meditation coloring, as the stillness allows the bunnies to feel safe to initiate cuddles.

Livestock Wrangler:

The livestock wrangler will be responsible to take Genevieve our pot-belly pig on “lettuce walks” around the property. She loves it and it keeps her healthy! You will also be responsible to clean and refill Lilly and Jemima’s water trough, and offer orchard grass or kibble. We want to work on leash-training the girls and would like to find an older YV with experience or who can work with their parent to create a positive training experience. We will also have a list of rotating livestock chores in the annex to choose from as time allows.

Coop Keeper:

(Perk... you get to take eggs!!) Depending on your shift time, you will either let the hens out, or lock them up. You will, with protective gloves, scoop up some poop and deliver to garden, add hay to nesting boxes, and socialize the ladies by hand feeding scratch or produce treats.

 Volunteers must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or designated adult.

Are you an adult who is interested in volunteering at The Big Yellow Barn?  

Currently we have need for qualified contractors to help with some tasks around the barn.  Volunteer for an hour or a day!

We are also creating pathways throughout the property and need assistance moving rocks to define the areas.