The Big Yellow Barn is located in El Dorado Hills,CA.

This beautiful property that was once disregarded and filthy has been adopted and restored by a Mama on a Mission!

Debra, the founder and wearer-of-many-hats, has over the last two years created some of the most comforting and sacred spaces for respite, play, healing, connection and growth. As a full-time outreach worker it is her mission to offer this space to the community to use in a variety of ways.

Over the last year her and her volunteer team have been able to:

~Host youth groups from the inner-city of Stockton and from local churches.

~Give away amazing Birthday Parties for children-in-need.

~ Offer Animal and Art healing programs for both adults and children battling anxiety and depression.

~and so much more.

Please join us as we partner with other local outreach programs and also with the local Foster Family community to bring even more light, love, laughter and play to families who might not otherwise find themselves at a place like The Big Yellow Barn!!

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